Previously, takeovers were only run on portals for scale or individual publishers for content.We found that Trust Metrics was socializing the same view as Undertone (Andrew Lerner, CEO of Trust Metrics, penned this column on Advertising network summarizing their view, and the problem that they solve, quite nicely). What a week!This could mean that marketers are buying these placements at scale because they understand the value of delivering an impression against great content on a branded publisher, to an engaged user, regardless of how infrequently users actually click. The discussion of live video begins at 22:45.In late June Undertone announced the official release of in-house dynamic targeting and creative solutions. Bebi was acquired by Opera Advertising network in 2014, a deal reportedly worth $350 million.

Of course, if a marketer had a very specific concern (think airlines and disaster-related content on top-tier news sites) then we could and would deploy one of several off-the-shelf content filtering technologies now available to both agencies and networks (and I was happy to see a few of those companies participate at the December iMedia conference in Advertising network).Media buyers have bifurcated these services – agencies (expressions) and trading desks (impressions). playoffs in this case).Web properties’ visitors come from outside the U.
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The exact quote was: “They’re (ad buyers) basically trying to buy the same audience at a third of the price.Buyers certainly want a simple, coordinated way to plan and buy Advertising network across multiple screens.We think that close strategic relationships between agencies and vendors are essential for successful media buying, and will continue to be so for a long time. Not only does the report confirm how different ad networks are, it also expands by showing how games, being varied and different, affect the performance of the ads. Bebi ads corporate subscription clients can view the full report here and contact us at